IntelliSoft is an IT Services company offering Products & Services across SAP

IntelliSoft is an SAP Gold Partner offering a range of Products & Services across SAP Platform. Services include S/4 HANA Business Suite, LoB Solutions, Analytics, Mobility, Cloud and Suite on HANA. We are a value added reseller, Build & Services Partner and PCoE Certified with presence in UAE, Oman & India.

Our Services

IntelliSoft is a growing Information Technology Services company. We are a gold partner with SAP, a Value-Added Reseller, Services & PCoE Certified Partner offering product support to various customers in the regions.

We provide Infra related Solutions and offer Technology Services in areas such as Data Management, Application development, Legacy Modernization Cloud service, Analytics and Mobility.

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IntelliSoft offers S/4 HANA, Line of Business, Analytics, Mobility, Cloud and HANA services. IntelliSoft delivers EtoE Implementation, Rollout, Re-engineering, Migration & Upgrade projects, SAP Quality Review and flexible Application & Product support, be it on/off-site mode.


IntelliSoft offers Technology Services such as Data Management, Application development, Cloud services, Analytics and Mobility. Applications are built to satisfy the customer and provide a responsive, rich and context-aware personalized experience that is relevant for users.

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