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Boss Consulting is a leading Information Technology & Services Company in the United Kingdom, where we will work together to transform vehicle dealerships with autoExpress on SAP's S/4HANA Platform to give Dealers a smarter and quicker way to adopt ERP.

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ACSIS Technologies, is a specialised software company and a pioneer in systems development for the service industry and a leader in the design, development, and implementation of mobile workforce management solutions. IntelliSoft is partnered with Acsis Technologies to bring to market autoExpress next-Gen which helps building the intelligent enterprise within the automotive industry.

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Esteem IT Solutions Inc

Esteem IT Solutions Inc. has been established to provide consulting and IT services to clients globally. They focus on new ways of business combining IT innovation and adoption while also leveraging an organization's current IT assets. IntelliSoft is partnered with Esteem IT Solutions to bring to market autoExpress which helps building the intelligent enterprise within the automotive industry.

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Erptoren Solutions

Erptoren is a top recruitment company that focuses exclusively on SAP. They specialize in cultivating and connecting top-tier SAP talent with visionary organizations, ensuring a harmonious synergy between expertise and ambition. IntelliSoft is partnered with ErpToren to bring autoExpress to market, which helps build the intelligent enterprise within the automotive industry.

Technology Partner

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Audatex, subsidiary for Solera, is a global leader in database development and implementation of software and services for the automobile and insurance claims processing industry, vehicle lifecycle management software-as-a-service, data, and services. Through four lines of business – vehicle claims, vehicle repairs, vehicle, and fleet solutions – Solera is home to many leading brands in the vehicle lifecycle ecosystem, including Identifix, Audatex, DealerSocket, Omnitracs, LoJack, Spireon, eDriving/Mentor, Explore, cap hpi, Autodata, and others. Solera serves over 300,000 global customers and partners in 100+ countries. IntelliSoft is partnered with Solera to integrate autoExpress with Audatex.

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Spyne is a Deep Tech start-up helping businesses and marketplaces create and upgrade high-quality product images and videos at scale with AI. They are building first-of-its-kind AI that would transform the way businesses will create high-impact catalogs without the need for a physical studio. Spyne empowers car dealers and marketplaces to build consumer trust by creating engaging catalogs and VDPs with 360° views at scale within seconds. IntelliSoft is partnered with Spyne to integrate autoExpress with Spyne Automobiles.

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